When you need paving performance, Blaw-Knox has the right screed for you.

The screed is the heart of the paver, and crucially important to the quality of the mat.  Blaw-Knox screeds are renowned for their heavy design, efficient cost-effective performance, and exceptionally smooth high quality mat.

From the classic Wedge-Lock to the latest Omni-318, Blaw-Knox offers an extensive line of screeds in 8’ and 10’ widths to meet your requirements with features to make your paving project easy and dependable.  All Blaw-Knox screeds offer easy-to-use screed control consoles that enable you to fine-tune the screed to match any paving application on the fly.

Screeds / Attachments


  • Paving Width: 10 ft
  • Max Paving Width: 16 ft
  • Available For: PF-7110B, PF-7170B

The Wedge-Lock screed series was the first introduced by Blaw-Knox, and today this classic screed is still meeting the performance needs of specialized markets.

UltiMat Screed

  • Paving Width: 10 ft
  • Max Paving Width: 20 ft
  • Available For: PF-4410B, PF-5110B,
    PF-5170B, PF-7110B, PF-7170B

Maneuver around obstacles with ease thanks to front-mounted extensions which double the screed width at the touch of a button without trapping asphalt while providing effortless head-of-material control in the auger box.

Omni 318 SCREED

  • Paving Width: 10 ft
  • Max Paving Width: 18ft 6in
  • Available For: PF-7110B, PF-7170B

Meet the Omni 318, a proven heavy-duty screed designed for wide width, high volume paving projects. Featuring front-mounted hydraulic extensions, adjustable strike-off plates and a paving width up to 26.5ft.


  • Paving Width: 10 ft
  • Max Paving Width: 19ft 6in
  • Available For: PF-7110B, PF-7170B

Joining our durable screed line up is the OptiMat 320-R rear-mount extension screed, which, like all Blaw-Knox screeds, is built on real customer feedback to deliver unrivaled surface quality, high laydown rates and long-lasting results.

Serving the Asphalt Industry for over 100 Years.