Wedge-Lock Screed

The Timeless Quality of a Classic

The Wedge-Lock® screed series was the first introduced by Blaw-Knox, and today this classic screed is still meeting the performance needs of specialized markets. Simple and inexpensive to run, our Wedge-Lock models are fixed-width, vibratory screeds with one-piece, bolt-on, abrasion-resistant plates. The screed height can be adjusted on the fly for precise control of even the most tender mixes. Wedge-Lock screeds also feature electrical control consoles for convenient switching of the power flow gates, auger conveyor speed range selector, diesel heater controls, and more.

Performance Features:

  • 2,44 – 3,05 m (8′ – 10′) standard paving widths
  • Hydraulic vibrator drive for frequency control up to 52 Hz (3100 vpm)
  • Adjustable eccentric weights on vibrator shaft
  • Curved pre-strikeoffs
  • Spring-loaded MatStop® edger plates with replaceable wear shoes


  • Extensions of 152 mm (6″), 305 mm (12″), 610 mm (24″), and 914 mm (36″); includes mounting hardware
  • Cut-off plates for paving in narrow locations
  • Power slope

Serving the Asphalt Industry for over 100 Years.