Omni 318 Screed

Superior Surface

The Omni 318 delivers a high-density mat, with outstanding smoothness, directly off the screed. The three-zone automatic heating control ensures fast and even heat distribution, while the heavyweight frame and 18-inch wide main & extension screed plates provide great surface contact. Quality results are further assured with the single piece main screed plate, featuring a 2-inch lead-in radius for improved material flow under the screed.

Superior Surface

The high strength frame prevents deflection of the extensions and the low tow point design minimizes twisting of the structure. Fully protected interior electrical and hydraulic components help to ensure maximum reliability. The result is a resilient and durable screed, built to deliver enduring performance.

Big on productivity

The big screed for the big jobs, the Omni 318 is designed to deliver high laydown rates and features a proven vibratory design. Front-mounted extensions adjust hydraulically from a 10ft up to 18.5 ft, and a single pass paving width of up to 26.5ft is possible with the optional bolt-on extensions. For fast adjustments, full center-width powered strike offs are available and optional heated end-gates ensure ultimate material confinement and control

The operator’s choice

Operators and screed crews can work in comfort and safety thanks to the easily accessed screed and wide 21-inch folding walkways, allowing operators to pass each other without stepping off the screed. Operators can stay in complete control while at work, with powered extension height, slope and main crown adjustments possible at the touch of a switch. Convenience is further enhanced by storage boxes and user-friendly control panels.

Serving the Asphalt Industry for over 100 Years.