Paving Application Seminar


To utilize applied training techniques to teach paving best practices to those people with responsibility for or interest in the operation/management of contemporary paving equipment. Also, to correctly and safely utilize a paver and compactor to their fullest potential while achieving the highest quality work without sacrificing production or increasing costs.

Who Should Attend

Any individual interested in, or responsible for the laydown of HMA, WMA, SMA, or Thinlays™.


2 Days
(Classroom Only)

Course Location

Chambersburg, PA


Best Practices In Paving
Z Paving Safety
Z Materials Discussion: HMA, SMA, WMA, Thinlays™
Z Paver Operation Overview
Z Paver Tractor and Screed Operation
Z Proper Machine Setup
Z Controlling Factors affecting Screed
Z Managing Material Through Paver
Z Achieving a Quality Mat
Z Joint Construction
Z Automatic Controls and Referencing Systems
Z Troubleshooting Mat Defects
Z Paver Maintenance

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